Septic Tank Pumping, Lakeland FL

We Offer Septic Tank Pumping & Other Septic Services in Lakeland, FL and Surrounding Areas.

septic tank repair services

Utilizing a septic tank instead of the city sewage system is a great way to save money and protect the environment. While having a septic tank comes with a variety of different advantages, there are several things you should be sure to do to keep the septic system on your Lakeland, Florida property in great condition. Once of these things is regular septic tank pumping. At Liberty Septic, we recommend that you have your septic tank pumped by us approximately every one to three years. However, there are also several other factors that contribute to how often you need septic tank pumping. These include:

  • How large your septic tank is
  • The amount of wastewater that consistently goes into the system
  • How many solids go into the tank

If you notice that there are foul smells arising from the area around your septic tank, that your bathroom and sink drains are draining water slowly, or that your drains have started to back up, it may be time to call us at Liberty Septic for septic tank pumping.

If you run into a problem and need your septic system pumped right away, we’ve got your back! At Liberty Septic, we understand that some septic issues just can’t wait. Because of this, we are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure you are always able to get the help you need with your septic tank right away.

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