Septic Tank Problem

Septic Tank Problem

Septic Tank ProblemA Septic tank problem isn’t always the easiest to diagnose or fix. In some cases, it may be a drainfield problem or some other problem with your septic that you may not notice. Ideally, it is better to call a professional to take a look at the tank and see whether there is a problem or not. Those who aren’t comfortable with handling septic tanks should stay away from experimenting with things and leave it to the professionals to get the job done quickly and properly.

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How to Prevent a Septic Tank Problem

If you don’t have a septic tank problem yet, it is better to try to prevent getting one. The first step is to get this septic tank designed and installed properly. Proper septic tank installation can prevent a number of problems in the future. The septic tank should also be used properly and cleaned regularly. Irregular cleaning can lead to a number of problems that will cause a lot of damage within the tank. Oil and grease could get deposited in the chambers and tubes of the septic tank. Since oil and grease can be very difficult to clean out, try to use a different drain for these products and also try to control the use of them. Throwing large amounts of food at a time and throwing down loads of water could also cause damage to the entire system so try to limit the amount of stuff you throw down the drain at a single time. Proper septic tank maintenance can keep a check on the drains and septic pumps to ensure that they are functioning properly and remove any unwanted substance before it causes major damage to the septic system.

Common Septic Tank Problems

It is difficult for a person to diagnose a particular problem with the septic tank. But these are some of the most frequently occurring problems that take place with the system:
• Broken drains or baffles in the septic tank
• Tree roots that have made cracks in the tank
• Sludge build-up due to improper cleaning
• Clogged drainfields due to various food or trees
• Blockages due to excess grease that has entered the tank
Most people will not be able to diagnose those problems on their own so the best bet is to hire a septic tank service or septic professional to clean and restore your septic tank.