Septic Tank Inspections

Importance Of Getting Septic Tank Inspections Done Regularly

Septic Tank InspectionsSeptic tanks are a crucial component of any home. However, because they remain largely unseen most people completely forget about the sewer system and do not give septic tank maintenance a second’s thought. This could be a big mistake as ignoring septic tank cleaning could eventually result in irreversible damage that could compromise the purity of your ground water and cost you thousands of dollars in doing damage control.

According to suggestions by the Environmental Protection Agency, septic tank inspections should be done at least once every 3 years and the septic tank pumping and cleaning should be done at every 3 to 5 years. This is best done by a professional septic service. At Liberty Septic, we have had several years experience with septic tank installation, inspection and cleaning. Call us today for expert septic tank maintenance.

Understanding How The Septic System Works

All discharge from the shower, sinks, toilets and laundry collects into the house sewer drain, from where it flows into a large septic tank. Here the solids are broken down by bacteria. The partially treated wastewater flows into the distribution box that distributes the water evenly into different trenches that open out into the absorption field. This is a network of distribution pipes and trenches where the wastewater is treated biologically.  To ensure that the septic system is working efficiently, it is important that the absorption field must be well constructed and of the proper size. Regular maintenance is equally important.

Why Septic Tank Inspection And Maintenance Should Be Done By A Professional Septic Service

The contents of a septic system are toxic and just opening up the septic tank to do an inspection could be hazardous to health. Professional septic services undergo extensive training before they are sent out on the field. Moreover, they have the right equipment and protective gear to ensure that they are adequately protected. All septic professionals will do the tank inspection using a specially designed sewer camera that allows them to look deep into the sewer pipes and see if they are clear or if there is any problem. Some of the more common problems with the septic system include septic backup, poorly operating system and faulty functioning of the drainage field. In case there is any problem or blockage they will use the most appropriate device or technique to clear the blockage with the least damage possible to the pipes or the surrounding area.