Residential Septic Service

Maintaining Your Septic System Through Residential Services

Septic Tank Pump TruckOne of the many expenses that homeowners incur is replacing a septic tank that has been neglected or spoiled. Through regular servicing and maintenance, you could save on this expense and keep the system functioning smoothly.

At Liberty Septic, we offer a wide range of residential services that will help you keep your entire system function smoothly. Call our office today for an appointment.

Your septic tank systems should be thoroughly inspected at least once every three years. If there are any mechanical components then you may even need an annual inspection. Once it is inspected, you will also be told how often you should get your septic pumped based on the amount of scum and sludge in the tank. On occasions when the entire system stops working, you should call your septic tank service immediately so that the problem is addressed before it gets serious.

Common Septic Tank Problems

The water is getting backed up: Water may be getting backed up because of a block in the septic system or it may be a problem with the faucet or the drain. However, to be on the safer side, stop using water and check the drain in question. If it looks like a major block it is suggested that you get a professional to help so that they can trace the block to see if the problem extends to the tank.

The fixtures are clogged: You may suddenly see the flush backing up or find that your toilet is not flushing. If any of your septic fixtures aren’t working. It may just be a simple clog in the faucet but even if you find a clog you should get it traced to see if there is a major block that is affecting the entire system. If your drains are working then it is probably a problem with that one particular drain or the toilet itself.

The seepage has started to surface in the yard: This may happen if there are any blockages or back-up in your house. Stop using water and call a professional to get it checked.

Kinds of Residential Services Available

A residential septic service is a good choice for those who want to maintain their tanks. Some of the services offered include:

Regular septic tank pumping and septic tank maintenance along with recommendations on how often you should get it pumped

•    Inspections and necessary certifications
•    Cleaning and thawing of the lines
•    Snaking of the lines
•    Emergency services when the septic tank has problems and if your septic system is suffering
•    Filter cleaning
•    Water jetting that is done at a high velocity
•    Inspection of the pipes
•    Cleaning of the interior walls and emptying the system when necessary