Residential Septic Pumping

Residential Septic Pumping: The Importance of Maintaining Your System

Septic Tank Pumping TruckEven though you can’t see it, your septic tank is a very important part of your daily life. It controls the drainage system and sorts out all the waste from it. Residential Septic pumping and maintenance are very important so that you can enjoy a smooth functioning system in your home.

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Working of the Septic Tank

All the waste that goes down your drain at some point converges into a single pipe that leads them to the septic system. Here, it breaks down slowly and separates, forming septage.

The heavier part of this septage sinks to the bottom of the tank and becomes sludge. The sludge comprises of all the heavier stuff right from toilet paper to solid waste that you put down your sink.

Above this sludge settles the next layer. This layer is made from all the organic matter, ranging from oils to proteins and fats. The organic matter is called scum.

And finally on top of the scum settles the gray water. This water is what originally carried all the sludge and scum into the tank. This water is the effluent water which comprises the maximum part of the system. Now that it is free from all the other waste, it is released from the septic tank into the leech field or drain. A leech field consists of pipes that allow the effluent to get into the soil and enrich it.

Pumping and Maintaining the Tank

Sit down and try to imagine to kind of waste that goes down your drains. Even though it may be out of sight after you flush or wash it down the drain, all this rubbish can come bubbling back up into your house if your septic tank is not maintained properly.

A malfunctioning system has a number of disadvantages. The most apparent of course is that you will have to deal with backed-up waste. This can make your whole house smell and frankly, it is very unsanitary. But besides your personal inconvenience when a problem like this occurs, septic tank problems can also be extremely expensive to fix if something goes wrong. And if something goes very wrong, replacing it will be an even bigger expense. That is why it is extremely important to maintain and pump it regularly so that it functions properly.

Residential Septic Pumping will help you save a lot of money in the long run because you will be faced with fewer problems and a well-functioning system will last you longer. A good septic service provider will also give you emergency care along with inspection and maintenance facilities.