Worn Out Seals, Valves and Washers Are Common Reasons for Faucet Repair

Worn Out Seals, Valves and Washers Are Common Reasons for Faucet RepairYour kitchen and bathroom sinks are probably the most used fixtures in your home. Although good-quality fixtures will last a long time, heavy use can eventually lead to wear and tear over time. Your bathroom sink might need replacing, and other fixtures might also need to be attended to – for example, faucet repair.

It’s not unusual for kitchen faucets to also spring leaks. Luckily, leaks are not difficult to fix. The most common reasons for leaky faucets are worn out seals, valves and washers.

While some simple tasks can be handled by you, the homeowner, others should be left to the experts. At Liberty Septic, we have well-trained and experienced technicians who can fix all issues. Our services include everything from sink fixing and faucet repair to septic problems and any other septic problems in your home. Contact us, and a licensed plumber will be sent over right away.

If a faucet is older than 10 years, it may be better to replace it with a new one instead of attempting faucet repair. In fact, there’s not much difference in the labor costs for faucet replacement and faucet repair. The parts that you will buy to fix the old one will be about 50 percent of a brand new faucet, and they may not last for long. Therefore, replacement is often the smartest choice. Moreover, your bathroom will look fresher and brighter with new fixtures.

Note: It’s important to have leaking sinks and faucets attended to as soon as you notice a leak. Early action can prevent damage to the cabinets and counters underneath them.

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