Septic Pumping Is Important for Your Family’s Health

Septic Pumping Is Important for Your Family’s HealthSeptic tanks are effective in treating waste, as long as they are working properly. If your home isn’t connected to a private or municipal sewage treatment system, you probably have an on-site septic system to treat your household sewage. Although it may be out of sight, please don’t let your septic tank be out of mind!

A faulty system can be very hazardous because effluent that hasn’t been treated properly can harm your health, as well as the health of the environment. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s best interests to maintain your system by scheduling regular septic pumping.

As a rule of thumb, septic pumping for a household of four people with a 1,000-gallon tank should be done every 2 years. But, if you have a waterfront property, more frequent pumping helps to rid your tank of nitrogen and phosphorus, which can make their way into surface water. If there is only one holding tank, it will need septic pumping more frequently, maybe every month, depending on the size of the tank and the level of usage.

When a licensed plumber comes to pump the septic tank, he will also check that the outlet and inflow pipes are not blocked, and he’ll check the condition of the distribution box. Regular checking of concrete distribution boxes is especially important because they tend to corrode and cause septic problems. The plumber will also make sure that some sludge is retained along the walls to ensure that there’s enough material for the septic action to restart.

Note: Keep a detailed record of septic pumping, inspections, repairs and other maintenance activities. You may need the information again later on, especially if you sell your home and need to pass it on to the new owner.


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