Repair Home Septic Systems – When To Replace Your Septic System

When you are a homeowner, the best time to learn about septic Home Septic Systemstank maintenance and septic tank care is before you actually have a problem. That’s when the task is still manageable. After the problem starts, it is already too late to attempt a septic tank pumping. Unfortunately, very few home owners realize this. It’s only when the drainfield start to look suspicious or sewage starts backing up into the house or those nasty odors get stronger, do they realize that there is something going on with their home septic systems.

At Liberty Septic, our professionals have vast experience maintaining, repairing and replacing septic systems. Call us today whether you need to get your septic system repaired or replaced.

When To Repair Home Septic Systems

In most cases, if you do catch the problem early enough you may be able to resolve the problem by carrying out a septic system repair.

The big question then is, when there is a problem, can the septic system be repaired or does it need to be replaced. The right answer depends on what is causing the problem. If the septic drainfield has started releasing a nasty odor and has also become soggy because of a cracked or broken pipe, you can resolve the problem by calling in a professional and getting the pipe repaired.

When To Replace Home Septic Systems

Sometimes, the type of damage and the intensity of the damage are such that a repair job will not help to resolve the problem. This can happen regardless of regular maintenance or repair work. When the system starts to get sluggish and does not work as efficiently as it should to treat and distribute waste water, it is said to be ‘failing’.

You know your septic system is failing and needs to be replaced when the sinks, toilets and bathtubs starts draining out sluggishly, and much slower than usual or if you can see standing wastewater on the ground above or somewhere close to your drainfield. Another sign that your septic system is failing is when coliform bacteria, nitrite or nitrate are detected in any water sources in close proximity to your home or in your well water.

A failing septic system is a grave concern as it is not capable of treating the toxic wastes, which could then contaminate all other water sources in the vicinity, including wells, streams and lakes. This widespread contamination could be a major disaster.

There’s no doubt that septic tank replacement can be a major expense but if your septic system is failing, it is something that has to be done.

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