Recognize And Repair Failing Septic Systems

Recognize And Repair Failing Septic Systems

Failing Septic Systems

Broken Pipe in a Septic Field

Recognize and Repair a failing septic systems is bad news for everyone around. Not only does it smell really
foul but it can also be dangerous for your health. Regular septic tank maintenance, which
includes septic tank cleaning and septic tank treatment is the best way to avoid these
dangerous consequences.

Is your septic system showing signs that it is failing? Don’t wait till the damage gets
any worse. Call Liberty Septic today for quick, efficient and affordable
septic system repair.

Knowing how to identify that there is a problem with the septic system is just as
important so that you can get a plumber immediate to repair failing septic system. The
sooner it is attended to, the less damage there is likely to be. At Liberty Septic and
Septic, our plumbers are highly trained. Call us today for septic tank installation and
regular maintenance. We also offer emergency services if you need to get the failing
septic system repaired.

Why does a septic system fail?

While septic systems are generally durable and will last many years without any problems,
as with any type of construction, a septic system too has a life expectancy. Over the
years, it can crack or break due to changes in temperature and other factors. Sometimes
it can get blocked because of accumulated solids or because of a particularly large
object thrown down the drain.

Repairing a failing septic system may involve removing the stuck object, fixing the
cracks and sometimes even replacing the old, damaged pipes.

Warning signs of failing septic system

If you notice any of these signs, you know that there is a problem with your sewage
•    You get a foul stench around the drainfield area. This foul smell is particularly noticeable after it has rained or after heavy water usage such as washing the car in that area.
•    The drainfield area seems to be permanently damp or you can see standing water in the area and it never seems to get evaporated.
•    The kitchen or bathroom sinks seem to be backing up or they drain out very slowly.
•    There is lush green grass growing in the area over the drainfield or the septic tank.
•    The septic system occasionally emits gurgling sounds.

If you notice any of the above signs of a failing septic system, the best thing to do is
to call an experienced plumber at the earliest. Professional plumbers have highly
specialized equipment that they can use to identify the exact cause of the problem so
that they can get right to repairing it right away so that there is no additional damage.

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