Ask Your Plumber about Eco-Friendly New Fixture Installation

Ask Your Plumber about Eco-Friendly New Fixture InstallationAt Liberty Septic in Lakeland, Florida, we offer environmentally-friendly remodeling products, water-saving technologies, and sustainable materials. Eco-friendly new fixture installation by a plumber not only helps safeguard our planet’s resources, but it can also save you money through reduced water usage.

WaterSense Toilets, Shower Heads and Faucets

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implemented its WaterSense program to establish guidelines for water consumption. When a plumber performs new fixture installation of toilets, shower heads or faucets with the WaterSense label, these products are guaranteed to use less water than others. While many products claim to be ‘low-flow’, they have to be stringently tested before they can earn the WaterSense label.

Moreover, rebates for WaterSense and other energy-saving products (Energy Star) are offered. Check with the environmental agency in Florida or ask one of our plumbers for further information about rebates that might be available to you.

Sustainable Materials

Our plumbers often use products made of sustainable materials – for example, re-used or recycled materials and sustainably-harvested wood such as FSC-certified wood. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), and the independent third-party groups it licenses to regulate forest management policies, also ensures that there is a controlled supply chain of FSC-certified wood to allow tracking from the source to the end product.

We offer a full range of residential and commercial septic services, including bathroom remodeling and new fixture installation. We also specialize in septic systems and can handle all septic tank problems. We serve Brandon, Plant City, Haines City, Lake Wales, Poinciana, and Tampa, Florida, as well as Hillsborough, Pasco and Osceola Counties. Contact us today for more information.

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