How Often Should I Schedule Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank PumpingIf you own a septic tank it is important to know that after getting it installed, it is important to make sure that it is properly maintained. A major part of the maintenance includes inspection and pumping of the tank, which is not something you should consider doing yourself. It is advisable to get a professional to maintain it properly so that the system functions well. How often should I schedule septic tank pumping?

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Why you Need to Get the Tank Pumped

A lot of people install their septic systems and then forget about them. Regular pumping and maintenance every two or three years is essential in order to ensure that it works properly. With a little bit of care and attention, you could have a smooth functioning wastewater disposal system within your home. Pumping the tank can increase its effectiveness so that you won’t face any sudden problems and you won’t have to replace your system for many years. Ideally, schedule the pumping just before you and your family leave for a vacation so that the whole system can dry out and decompose the waste during this time.

Common Mistakes People Make

•    Not pumping it frequently: This can lead to a failure in the drainfield and then result in very expensive repair costs.
•    Doing it too frequently: The only disadvantage of pumping too frequently is that you will be wasting your money unnecessarily. But even then, wasting this money will still work out too much less than the amount you will spend if you had septic tank problems and had to get them repaired.
•    Pumping it to solve other problems: If you have a clog in the drainfield or if it has just failed completely, pumping the tank won’t help you much. This is the time when you need to be smart and get a professional to take a look at it.

Remember, the best way to get your septic tank pumped and cleaned at proper intervals is to get it inspected regularly. By getting this done, your contractor will advise you on how often septic tank cleaning needs to take place. Of course, this will also depend on how much waste water you are flushing down the drain at a given point of time.

The Pumping Process

A professional contractor should be called to pump the septic tank because it is very dangerous for an inexperienced person to do it. During this process, the tank is pumped through the two manholes or access ports. The layer of scum is broken down and the sludge is mixed with the liquid portion that is present in the tank. Usually, liquid is pumped out of the tank and then re-injected into the bottom part of it alternatively in order to achieve the mixture of sludge with liquid.

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