Maintaining Your Septic System

Understanding How The Septic System Works

Maintaining Your Septic SystemSeptic systems help to break down the sewage and wastes that are generated in every home and are absolutely essential in every home. If you are maintaining your septic system properly, it could last you a lifetime and give you no hassles at all.

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How does your Septic Tank work?

A septic tank is a system that collects all the wastewater that is let out from a house. This water is held in the tanks until it settles so that the solid matter goes to the bottom and the lighter matter like oil and other light waste comes to the top. Between the top and the bottom later, a clarified liquid is formed which is taken out of the tank through a pipe and this liquid is dissipated through a drain field. Bacteria are placed in the tank so that they can break down the waste and slow down the accumulation of the layer of solids at the bottom.

How often do you need to Pump your Septic Tank?

A lot of people install their septic tanks and then forget to get them pumped regularly. It is only when they start to notice the sewer back-up in the toilets that they get the tank pumped. Septic pumping should be carried out periodically. How often you need to pump the tank will depend on the size of the septic system, how much waste you dispose on an average and the number of people in your family who contribute to the waste that goes into the tank. Usually, a 1500 gallon tank should be pumped every four years. However, if there are only two people using a tank this size then you may only need to pump it every 5 years. Then again, if a family uses garbage disposal along with the septic system, pumping may need to be done more frequently. Besides pumping the tank, you should also get the system checked once a year so that if there is extra sewage piled up, you can get it pumped a little early and save yourself a lot of trouble.

How can you maintain your Septic System?

Maintaining your septic system properly is very important if you want the system to last long and save money in the long run. Here are a few things that you can do to keep your system functioning well:

• Try not to drive any heavy machinery or vehicles over the field where your septic tank is installed. It could crush your tank and cause a lot of damage.
• Watch what you flush down your toilet and drains because everything that goes down will go straight into the septic tank.
• Even though a small amount of household chemicals will not affect the system, do not pour large amounts of cleaners of chemicals into the drains because they can kill the bacteria that are present in the tank and this will make the tank fill faster.
• Call the professional at Liberty Septic so that you can get your septic tank cleaning done and everything else checked. This will help you catch any problem early and avoid the need for septic repair.

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