How To Maintain Your Septic Tank

How To Maintain Your Septic Tank: The Top Tips

Maintain Your Septic TankKnowing how to maintain your septic tank is not just for those who live in rural areas. Even homeowners even in the city should ensure they take adequate care of their septic tank to prevent contamination of groundwater and spread of algal blooms in lakes and ponds. A failing septic system can also lead to foul odor and soggy lawns. To prevent a full-blown disaster, it helps to know how to maintain your septic tank.

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Here are some of the things you can do to maintain your septic tank.

Use Water More Efficiently

In a typical family living in a single family home, you can expect each person to use about 70 gallons of water per day. Any water that goes into the drains ends up in the septic system. You can take the following measures to prevent overloading the system:

• If toilets or faucets leak, get them fixed right away
• Use dishwasher when it is completely loaded or run a shorter cycle to reduce water consumption
• Install aerators on faucets to reduce the flow of water and minimize your consumption
• Use energy efficient washing machine or reduce water level when washing smaller loads of laundry
• Use a displacer in the flush system to reduce the water required to flush the toilet

Don’t Dispose Non-Degradable Items In The Toilet

Anything you flush will end up in the setic tank, which is meant solely for human waste, household gray water, and toilet paper. Don’t dispose the following via your toilet:

• Cat litter
• Feminine hygiene products
• Coffee grounds
• Facial tissues
• Condoms
• Dental floss
• Cigarette butts
• Household chemicals
• Grease

They can clog the system and adverse affect the bacteria balance that breakdown the human waste. Grease can clog your septic drainfield and the soil will find it difficult to absorb the liquid. If the drainfield gets clogged, you will need to find a new one and this is quite an expensive affair.

Take Care of the Drainfield

If your drainfield gets soggy, it won’t be able to absorb liquids. Therefore, make sure you keep gutter runoffs away from it. Plan your roof gutter, home foundation and landscaping in such a way that there is no risk of rainwater soaking the leach field.

Do not place concrete or drive a vehicle over the drainfield. It will damage it and this will hinder its ability to soak up liquids.

Plan Your Landscaping with Care

Ensure that you don’t plant any trees near the septic system. The roots can damage the system. You grow grass on drainfield, if you like. It will minimize soil erosion. When it comes too trees, make sure they are plant more than 100 feet from the system.

You should resort to septic tank cleaning every one to three years. Get a professional with experience to do it for you. If you get the system cleaned regularly and follow these maintenance tips, you should not face any problem for years to come.

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