Homeowners, This is For You – Water Heaters 101!

Water Heaters 101Water heaters are pretty simple systems, but this doesn’t mean they can’t develop problems over time. Understanding your unit – how it works and what to do when it doesn’t – will help avoid serious issues. Unfortunately, most people don’t give their water heaters a second thought. Usually tucked away in the corner of the garage or in a storage closet, your water heater sits there silently doing its job without any fuss. But forgetting about it completely could be a big mistake.

Unlike other systems in your home, if your water heater goes south, it does not always stop working. In certain situations, you could find yourself standing in 40 or more gallons of scalding, hot water. Worse yet, you risk fires, explosions, or the release of lethal carbon monoxide gas into your home.

Don’t fret! We’re only trying to impress upon you the importance of being aware of your water heater. An annual inspection by a licensed plumber, along with some regular maintenance, is usually all that’s needed to avoid serious water heater problems.

Thanks to technology, today’s water heaters are definitely better than they used to be, with more safety features to reduce the risk of injury and property damage, higher efficiency and longer life spans. But remember, nothing lasts forever. A water heater is rated by an estimated life span.

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