Common Septic Problems That You Should Be Aware Of

Common Septic Problems

The septic system does the job of removing waste from the home sinks and drains. Once the waste water enters the drains, the toxic pathogens are treated in the septic tank and the cleaned and purified water is released into the soil as through a drain field.

The best time to deal with common septic problems is before they happen. Call Liberty Septic today to get your septic system inspected.

Regular septic tank cleaning is very important in order to prevent any type of  common septic tank problems. When maintenance and cleaning are not done regularly, it can create havoc with the entire system and threaten your family’s health.

If you get a foul odor or if your drains start to get clogged or you can see patches of bright green grass on your lawn, you must call an experienced plumber immediately to get the problem resolved.

These are some of the more common septic problems that most homeowners encounter.

Drain Pipes Get Blocked From Buildup Of Grease

Many people unknowingly pour excess fat, oil and liquid grease into the kitchen sink. However when these liquids enter the drain, they solidify in the cooler temperatures. These solids keep accumulating and eventually from a large solid block that clogs the septic drainfield. When this happens the soil will not be able to absorb liquids. In a worst case scenario you will have to install a new drainfield. To prevent this from happening, throw all fats, grease and oils into the trash. Do not throw it down the sink.

The Tank Or Lines Are Broken Or Leaking

The tank of your septic system must be airtight so the waste that is inside the tank cannot escape. If the wastes escape they can release disease-causing organisms, which are toxic for everybody around as well as the environment. Regular maintenance can help detect leaks before extensive damage is caused. If you notice a foul smell emanating from the drainfield, it is important to call in a professional plumber immediately. A plumber will use camera inspection equipment to identify the problems area and seal the leak to prevent any further problems.

There Is A Buildup Of Sludge

In the septic tank, the solid wastes sink to the bottom. This is called sludge. After a period of time, the level of sludge rises and when it reaches a certain level it blocks the incoming lines, and the backup of sewage will reverse direction and start to enter your house. Getting the septic tank pumped regularly is the most effective way to prevent this from happening.

These are three of the most common septic problems that most homeowners encounter. Getting all problems attending to immediately is crucial to avoid complications due to toxic buildup.

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