Common Drain Clog Issues

Drain Clog Issues

Drain Clog IssuesSeeing all the water in your bathroom and kitchen get stuck and not go down the drain is not a very pleasant sight. Not only will this mess up your house but it will also smell and it’s bad for health. Keeping your drains clean will prevent clogging.

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Recognizing Drain Clog Issues in the Kitchen

The drain in your kitchen sink is bound to get clogged if you aren’t careful of what you put down it. Think about the amount of grease, oil and food particles that go down the sink daily. And add the scum from the detergent soap to this mix and you will get a big mess in your drain. The blocking of the septic drain field can lead to a number of septic tank problems.

The easiest way to tackle a clogged drain is by pouring hot water down it. This will help soften all the particles so they can then be pushed down the drain more easily. For a stubborn clog, you may repeat this process several times. After every time you finish one cycle, use a plunger to try and get the mess out of the drain. If this doesn’t work, you can consider using some stronger chemical detergents but you should be careful while using them so that they don’t harm your septic system.

Recognizing Drain Clog Issues in the Bathroom

A lot of dirt, skin flakes, scum from the soap water and hair often get stuck in the drain and become a big gunk. As it accumulates, the drain starts to get blocked and the water can’t flow through it properly. Toilets also get clogged in a similar way because of the cotton swabs, pre-moistened wipes and feminine hygiene products that are flushed. Limiting the amount of waste paper you put into your toilet and cleaning the shower drain regularly can help to keep your bathroom clog-free.

How A Clogged Drain Can Affect The Septic System

When your drain gets clogged, the lines between the septic tank and the drainfield get clogged by solids. This can cause the tank to overflow, creating a health and environmental hazard. Once this happens, your only option is to get a professional plumber to clean out the mess. Professional plumbers have the right equipment that is necessary to do a major clean up and they are also aware of the precautionary measures that they need to take and how to do the job right. Attempting to do the job yourself would make things worse and should be avoided.

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