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How Much Are Water Leaks Costing You?

Water leaks can be a real problem for your home and your wallet.  Leaks that may be hidden in your walls or under your cabinets can cause cosmetic damage to your home that can range from hundreds to thousands of

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Homeowners, This is For You – Water Heaters 101!

Water heaters are pretty simple systems, but this doesn’t mean they can’t develop problems over time. Understanding your unit – how it works and what to do when it doesn’t – will help avoid serious issues. Unfortunately, most people don’t

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How Conscientious Are You About Septic Tank Maintenance?

Drain Cleaning Services

The importance of septic tank maintenance can’t be emphasized enough. That’s why we, at Liberty Septic, want you to learn some basic things to keep your system working efficiently. When a drain field fails or a system requires replacement, we

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3 Mistakes That Will Make You Call an Emergency Plumber

Mistake #1 is treating your garbage disposal like it’s a trash compactor. Not all garbage belongs in it, despite its name. Yet some homeowners cram all kinds of waste down there until the blades literally stop turning. Pumpkin carvings, watermelon

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Attention New Restaurateurs! Don’t Forget about Regular Grease Trap Cleaning!

drain cleaning in Lakeland

So, you’ve just bought a restaurant – congrats! Your job is to prepare and serve delectable food, ensure that your establishment is clean, and abide by safety and health codes. You are not an expert in removing commercial waste –

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Septic Tank Riser Installation Can Lower the Cost of Running Your System

Septic tank riser installation is a highly recommended addition to a septic tank system. The riser makes monitoring and maintaining the system more convenient and much easier. The long-term benefit of this is the prevention of potential septic tank problems.

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Sewer Odor Removal Should Be Performed Immediately After a Backup

Septic Tank Pumping Truck

Heavy rains often lead to flooding, and since flood waters often carry raw sewage, they can cause sewer backups. Wastewater and raw sewage contain several pollutants in the form of parasites, viruses and fungi, which can cause illness and even

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Ask Your Plumber about Eco-Friendly New Fixture Installation

At Liberty Septic in Lakeland, Florida, we offer environmentally-friendly remodeling products, water-saving technologies, and sustainable materials. Eco-friendly new fixture installation by a plumber not only helps safeguard our planet’s resources, but it can also save you money through reduced water

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Bathroom Remodeling: Luxury Can Be Incorporated Into Any Design

Bathroom Remodelling

An ambiance of personal indulgence used to be exclusive to spas, but now it has found its way into master bathroom remodeling. Limited only by a project’s budget and imagination, master baths are being transformed into customized retreats. And the

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Proper Drain Field Installation Is Crucial for Efficient Waste Water Treatment

Waste water exits your septic tank and goes into the drain field, where it’s further treated by the soil. The partially treated water is discharged into the drain field every time new waste water enters the septic tank. If there’s

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