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    Even if you are maintaining your septic tank properly and getting it pumped regularly, you may need to replace your septic tank if it is getting too old or is too small to handle the load it receives. . . 


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Septic Services 

plumber2There are many advantages that come from using a septic system in your home, as opposed to a traditional sewer system. However, just like a sewer system, you may run into problems or need maintenance done on your septic tank, drain field, or the other components of your septic system. At Liberty Septic, our septic tank services are incomparable to others in the area. Read More

Commercial Services 

plumberStarting up a business can be a challenging, but rewarding, affair. When you are working towards promoting your products or services and establishing a strong client base, Liberty Septic realizes that taking care of a commercial septic issue may be the last thing you want to deal with. Read More

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Liberty Septic is a premier provider of septic services for both residential and commercial customers in the Lakeland, Florida area. Our owner, Jerry Prescott, has been working on septic systems for over 20 years. At Liberty Septic, we are constantly looking for ways to implement new technology into our septic services and educate our employees regarding the newest and best septic procedures. When you call us to help you unclog septics, perform drain cleaning, or offer emergency septic services, you can expect that we will be quick to respond to your call and will perform your septic repair job at a fair price.

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Liberty Septic does it all! Learn why owner Jerry Prescott stands above his peers in the industry.

License Number: RF11067435.

Septic Services in Lakeland FL

Septic Services in Lakeland FL

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Septic Services in Lakeland FL