Water Heater Repair, Lakeland FL

If You Suspect Something is Wrong with Your Water Heater, or if Your Water Heater Has Stopped Working Altogether, Call Us at Liberty Plumbing & Septic in Lakeland, FL for Expert Water Heater Repair.

water heater repair

At Liberty Plumbing & Septic, we are a full-service plumbing and septic company. While we can help you with virtually any plumbing or septic issue you run into, water heater repair is one of our specialties. Here are some signs that you need one of our plumbers to come look at the water heater in your Lakeland, Florida home:

  • When you take a shower, is the first half of your shower warm while the second is freezing cold? Lack of hot water in your kitchen sink or bathtub is a sign that your water heater may be failing. This is likely due to sediment buildup in your tank that takes up the space that should ordinarily be filled with hot water.
  • If you enjoy taking a steamy, hot shower after a long day or in the mornings when it’s chilly, but you notice that one day the water in your shower is lukewarm at best, you may need water heater repair. The water in your home not getting as hot as it used to is a sign that there may be a problem with your water heater.
  • Although water heaters tend to make a little noise when they heat up, watch out for weird noises that are coming from your water heater. Odd or unusual sounds coming from your water heater generally indicate that you need water heater repair.

If you suspect something is wrong with your water heater, or if your water heater has stopped working altogether, call us at Liberty Plumbing & Septic for expert water heater repair.

For more information on our water heater repair services, contact us today!