Pipe Repair and Re-piping, Lakeland FL

When You Need Emergency Pipe Repair in Lakeland, FL, it’s Best That You Call a Professional Plumber Instead of Trying to Fix the Leaking Pipe Yourself.

video pipe inspection

A leaking pipe can wreak havoc on your home. Luckily, you can always call us at Liberty Plumbing & Septic for help. When you need emergency pipe repair, it’s best that you call a professional plumber instead of trying to fix the leaking pipe yourself. Sometimes, a leaky pipe can appear to be a minor problem, but it may actually be a bigger issue. Don’t waste the time and go through the hassle of finding the source of the leak and doing the repair by yourself; instead, call us at Liberty Plumbing & Septic for pipe repair right away!

While you’re waiting for one of our expert plumbers to arrive at your Lakeland, Florida home, there are a few things you can do to prevent the leaking pipe from causing further damage to your home. The first course of action you should take involves finding the water shutoff valve in your home and shutting off the flow of water through your pipes. Regardless of whether the leak is indoors or outdoors, it is extremely important that you do this as soon as possible.

After you’ve turned off the water, clean up excess water caused by the leak and try to identify the area where the source of the leak might be. This will help us be able to find the root of the problem shortly after we arrive at your home and fix it right away. When you need pipe repair, don’t let a leaking pipe get out of control–call us at Liberty Plumbing & Septic!

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