Plumbing, Lakeland FL

Liberty Plumbing and Septic offers highly professional & reliable plumbing services in the Lakeland, Florida area!

Plumbing Services – When you call a plumber in your area, you should expect them to be able to help you with the plumbing issue you are dealing with quickly and efficiently. However, many plumbers in the Lakeland, Florida are incapable of providing you with the help that you need because the plumbing services they offer to their clients are limited. At Liberty Plumbing, we don’t want you to have to go to one company for emergency plumbing and then another for drain cleaning and then yet another for septic tank services. We offer our clients a wide array of plumbing services, so receiving plumbing repair isn’t a hassle or a time-consuming process.

Our founder, Jerry Prescott, started this plumbing company with the goal of wanting to know all there was about plumbing. Because of this, Liberty Plumbing always uses state-of-the-art plumbing technology and is always up-to-date regarding the latest and best plumbing procedures. The knowledge-oriented focus of Liberty Plumbing has allowed us to expand our plumbing services and make us the plumbing company with the most comprehensive list of services and abilities in the area.

From leaky faucet and pipe repair to bathroom remodeling, leak detection, and commercial plumbing, the services we offer guarantee you will not need to go anywhere else in the Lakeland, Florida area for a plumber. We have developed a strong reputation for high-quality work and fair prices because we are dedicated to our clients. We realize that our success as a company depends on the overall satisfaction you get from working with us. Therefore, we approach every plumbing repair job with the desire to do it with efficiency, skill, and integrity.