Pipe Repair & Plumbing Repipes Should Be Left to the Professionals 0

Leaking pipes are no fun to deal with, and they can cause havoc in your home. You might think that pipe repair & plumbing repipes are relatively easy to do, but keep in mind that the damage may be more substantial than it appears. That’s why it’s always best to call a licensed plumber for help.

The 3 main reasons for leaks around the home are:

  1. Improper installation or shoddy pipe repair & plumbing repipes
  2. Corrosion
  3. The wrong type of piping

All too often, the incorrect grade of PVC piping is used for pipe installation. Homes without a water softening system, as well as older homes, often lose their plumbing pipes to corrosion because minerals in the water literally eat them away.

Signs that you may need a whole house repipe are when the water from your bathtub or shower is a slight brownish color, or you notice that the washing machine isn’t filling up as fast as it should. These are common plumbing problems, especially in older homes. Corrosion and rust are the result of oxidation which typically affects old iron pipes, like the one in this photograph:

Pipe Repair & Plumbing Repipes Should Be Left to the Professionals

Although the brownish-colored water does not represent a health hazard, the rust can cause staining on your clothing when washed, and the water may have a metallic taste. Pipe repair & plumbing repipes should always be attended to quickly before the rusted areas cause cracks or leaks. This means that you’ll be paying for water that doesn’t even get to your home. Call a professional licensed plumber right away.


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