Hydro Jetting

Use Hydro Jetting To Get Clean Drains

Hydro JettingWhether you have a clogged toilet or a problem with a blocked drain, hydro jetting is the best way to get your drains cleaned out completely. This quick and easy process is completely environmentally friendly and it will give you excellent results.

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The Process of Hydro Jetting

A Hydrojet is made up of a hose and a number of high pressure streams. The main hose first shoots out a high pressure stream that clears a pathway in the drain,allowing you to push the hose downward. A number of other high pressure streams then shoot water out at a high pressure in an upward direction. The water travels at a speed of about 3500 psi. This high pressure stream hits all the dirt and debris that is clogging your drain. The dirt particles get loosened with the force of the water and they then flow down the drain along with the water. This force will completely clean out your clog drain and even rid you of grease and oil collected all throughout the drainage system.

Why Choose Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting is an extremely effective way to get your drains cleaned. This process can be used in regular homes, restaurants as well as in industries that need to get their drains unclogged. The process will help you get rid of oil, grease, debris, sand, mud, roots of trees, chemicals and all kinds of rubbish that may be clogging your drain.

For those of you who are used to the process of snaking the drains, hydro jetting is another option which is as successful with drain cleaning. Even though snaking has been around for a long time, hydro jetting has often been seen to be more effective in larger drains which need more cleaning. A drain snake is better in delicate or fragile drains since the force of the water pressure from hydro jetting may be too much for these drains.

If you are confused as to which process will be better for your drains, it is advisable to call a professional plumber and find out which would be the most suitable process for you. Hydro jetting must always be carried out by a professional since it is important for them to adjust the pressure perfectly and insert it into the drain properly. Those with no experience could damage the entire drainage system if they insert the hydrojet the wrong way.