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If you have discovered mold in your home after flooding, you should be concerned. Mold can seriously affect the health of your family, so it would be in your best interests to schedule professional mold remediation and water damage restoration …

Preparing Your Home for Water Damage Restoration or Mold Remediation Read More »

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Liberty Plumbing is a premier provider of plumbing services for both residential and commercial customers in the Lakeland, Florida area. At Liberty Plumbing, we are constantly looking for ways to implement new technology into our plumbing services and educate our …

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It may surprise you, but the most common plumbing emergencies are caused by negligence. Yes, burst pipes, leaks, clogged toilets and drains can all be prevented with a little more care. We ignore noisy pipes and leaks until they escalate …

What to Do When Emergency Plumbing Issues Arise Read More »

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Leaking pipes are no fun to deal with, and they can cause havoc in your home. You might think that pipe repair & plumbing repipes are relatively easy to do, but keep in mind that the damage may be more …

Pipe Repair & Plumbing Repipes Should Be Left to the Professionals Read More »

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Septic tanks are effective in treating waste, as long as they are working properly. If your home isn’t connected to a private or municipal sewage treatment system, you probably have an on-site septic system to treat your household sewage. Although …

Septic Pumping Is Important for Your Family’s Health Read More »

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Your kitchen and bathroom sinks are probably the most used fixtures in your home. Although good-quality fixtures will last a long time, heavy use can eventually lead to wear and tear over time. Your bathroom sink might need replacing, and …

Worn Out Seals, Valves and Washers Are Common Reasons for Faucet Repair Read More »

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Anyone who has witnessed the devastation caused by the recent floods will know what type of damage can occur. Take a look at this picture – damage like this can happen in a flash: When something like this happens, some …

Why You Need to Hire a Professional for Water Damage Restoration Read More »

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Building a new home can be an exciting experience for everyone involved. When the plans have been finalized and the ground broken, the various contractors can start going full steam ahead. The time will pass very quickly, and before you …

New Construction Plumbing: A Quick Look at the Process from Paper to Reality Read More »

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Your hot water heater is the second biggest energy-consuming appliance in your home. A standard 5-gallon electric water heater costs you about $520 a year @ 10.6c per kilowatt per hour. A lot of this energy is consumed while you’re …

Maybe it’s Time to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater Read More »

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